Little League New Bat Standards

New Little League Bat Standards

Updated Wednesday November 1, 2017 by Ken Labrie.

ATTENTION - New Little League Bat Standards.  All you need to know!!!

FAQ:  What is changing?

Answer:  ALL bats used in Little League, starting January 01 2018, will be required to be 'USA Standard Stamped' Bats!!!

FAQ:  Can I use the current bat I have?

Answer: ONLY if it is 'USA Standard' Stamped! 

FAQ:  What will the league do with all the non-standard bats?

Answer:  The league intends on making sure only 'USA Standard' stamped bats are used in our league.  Due to this, over the winter we will be doing inventory of our bats and removing all non-standard bats from our inventory.  With that, we also intend on adding standard bats to our inventory as well. 

FAQ:  Where can I buy a new bat?

Answer:  With christimas coming up, there will be many bats available on the market.  Either via the internet ordering, or stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods.   Critical to make sure the bat has the 'USA Standard' marker on the bat.  ONLY these bats can be utilized going forward. 

FAQ:  Are the new bats 'thicker' than the old bats?

Answer:  Yes.  Most new 'USA Standard' bats are 2 5/8" Thick.  Previous standard was 2 1/4".  However, please note that there are 2 1/4" bats that are 'USA Standard'.  Hence, both sizes are permitted to be used and the ONLY requirement is that the bat has the 'USA Standard' marking on the bat. 

Video Explaining Standards :

List of Approved Bats :